The Time is Now – beat procrastination in you and your clients

The TIME is NOW.

My approximation of work and life experiences has taught me that every single person on the planet has ONE BIG IDEA. Something they are dreaming of but failing to execute and turn into reality. Procrastination is more complex than you imagine, it’s not just a case of fear or idleness.

Everybody has a long-awaited dream, something they need to lose or gain.

Unfortunately the majority of people struggle to commit or don’t have the tools – yet – to get rid of the thing that’s holding them back.

The time is now, to take action!

Some people may not yet have the patience, belief or endurance to engineer their life, others may not have the bravery to leap into the great unknown – yet.

But the TIME is NOW!

Not next week. Not when you get skills. Not when you have confidence. Nor when everything is just…perfect.

What unites us is a deep desire to live happily.

To move from pain towards comfortable landscapes but, yes, before we rush off, ideally, we must plug the holes in our boat, nurture a vision, a strategy, or at the very least have a ‘sense’ of where we are going.

But we MUST(note the necessity!) take action today.


Because there is simply no time better than the present. I mean, blink and time’s gone. That’s why we need to set the cogs into action today or else our deepest dreams will remain just that, an infamous Milton Erickson quote:

‘A goal without a date is just a dream’

But first, let’s b-r-e-a-t-h-e…and permit me to read your mind.

Fun mind-read #1
I bet there is something you’d like to get rid of?

Fun mind-read #2

I bet there is something you’d love to acquire?

Fun mind-read #3
I bet at least one of your clients/customers has demonstrated an annoying lack of commitment?

Fun mind-read #4
I bet you have held back or procrastinated at least once in your life?

Question? (said in a Beyonce, Destiny’s Child-style voice)

Ever wondered what’s holding your clients/customers back?

Question? (Charlie how d’ya Angels get down like that?)

Ever wondered what’s holding YOU back?

It’s actually something more complex than fear alone. Something deep-rooted and stubborn that forms a matrix of something mundane, and if the truth be told, if you don’t have the tools, it’s NOT that easy to overcome.

Hell yeah, the success mindset helps but time and again we see our efforts thwarted, pinned back by what I have learnt to term:

A.C.D.C states


Many people will not turn up for sessions, given the choice, due to issues of fear, uncertainty, vulnerability, ego, or the unknown.


The persons is not yet in a space open to new possibilities because their physical-emotional state feels like it is closing in, restricting.


Because of subconscious fears, the client wants to change but sabotages and pretends everything’s  ‘just fine.’

Comfort Zones

The familiarity of their safety is just so easy that they are unwilling to step out of their uncomfortable comfort zones.

Fear not, there’s hope. These A.C.D.C states (of stagnation) can be beaten into submission by embracing the counter-threats taken from:

‘The Four P’s of Positive, Imminent Action.’


And one of these is the pleasure-pain principle

For example, what initiates imminent positive action? Is it the bribe of a sunny holiday or your pet hamster Kevin being held hostage until you’ve completed the task?

Outside your comfort zone, comfort begins.

Start today before you are ready. Begin with the end in mind (waxing lyrical now!). Start before time runs out, which it will, and do it before your gravestone reads:

‘If only I’d…’

The is a Vlog, a soon-to-be mecca, a thriving hotspot of mindset and changework-based coaching tools, techniques and principles that’ll be a huge resource to anyone involved in person-centred change.

Lastly, it’s my first post, hence the urgent title, so you may notice half-filled empty posts soon to be filled with the meatiest of content.

Keep your eyes peeled, you might just find something to whet you appetite.

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