Remove blocks, enhance performance in life, business, and sport.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Havening Techniques®, Old Pain 2 Go practitioner and NLP trainer based in Newcastle-Gateshead offering a unique blend of mindset skills for life and business. Click the circular icons or course links below to discover more.

  • Coaching

    Achieve goals, long-awaited dreams and work-life balance fast.
  • Masterclasses

    Attend mindset masterclasses in contemporary changeworker skills.
  • Therapeutic

    Change unconscious responses fast to get what you need.

How may I help?

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Get laser focused, find yourself, work-life balance, your audience, live the dream.

  • High-performance Mindset

    Remove the blocks to enhance your performance in business, sport, any other area.

  • Non-addictive Mindset

    Be rid of destructive habits: smoking, drinking, drugs, change your relationship with food.

  • Pain-free Mindset

    Long-term pain? Knee, back, fibromyalgia, arthritis? It is entirely possible to be pain free in just one session.

  • Fear-free Mindset

    Release anxiety, fears and phobias quickly. Get supported through the whole process.

  • Motivation & Focus Mindset

    Lose limiting beliefs and build confidence. Get supported so that you become unstoppable.

Upcoming Masterclasses

  • 24th-25th march, Newcastle, NE4 6SS

    New, exciting introduction to Mindset Skills.

  • Language, Communication & Negotiation

    Bespoke, enquire within.

  • 12-13th May, Chesterfield. S40 2PA

    Jay’s signature two-day mindset course.

  • 23-24th June, Edinburgh, EH3 9DE

    Jay’s signature two-day mindset course.


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