Overcome Fear Of Criticism & Getting Yourself Out there

One of the most common blocks for procrastination and stalling is fear…

‘Outside your comfort zone, your greatest comforts reside.’

The problem is something keeps holding us back.


Fear of criticism.

The fear of what others may think.

In truth, there’s no better antidote for fear than positive imminent action for action itself precedes and gives us the clarity we need.

But for many, these feelings of fear are so strong that they struggle to take any action at all.


What you need is a little mindset exercise.

Something you can tap into to reduce the severity of these destructive feelings and reframe your perspective towards the challenges of future events.

If you are struggling with the feelings of fear, in particular, the fear of criticism then using your imagination to create a safe space in the form of a protection bubble can help, also by accessing your desired physiology, state.

Metaphoric imagery is powerful.

Bear with me when I tell you that, finally, it is the power of flowers will get there…

Check out the video above.
Try out the exercise.
Then feedback with comments on your experience.

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