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The Movement of Icebergs – Mindset Metaphors #1

Some days it’s just hard to get out of bed, you don’t like it, it doesn’t feel good, in fact it feels downright unnatural; you have a grey picture in your mind and an uncomfortable feeling about what lies ahead.

That not to say that’s how things are.

I say this because we perceive the world not as it is but how we feel.

Truth is, whether we feel good or bad we have to apply daily effort consistently, and these days concepts like the Law of Attraction are high-trend because they imply we can go grab a Ferrari or find the perfect lover simply by sitting on our butts, manifesting.

But whether we take action or not, the universe don’t care.

The universe continues.

Right now as I write, a gargantuan iceberg encroaches on a Greenland village. Icebergs don’t care. Try asking one, ‘Mr Iceberg, would you take a moment to consider the devastating consequences of your movement?’


The universe continues.

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Therapeutic metaphors for mindset coaching

Icebergs float ominously towards schools and whole communities unconcerned of their direction, oblivious to their threat, they have no interest blaming the humans for their imminent meltdown either.

Icebergs are cool, patient, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about your $997.97 seven secret steps to overnight business success.

Within the universal scheme of all things icebergs appreciate insignificance and impermanence.

Us humans, however, hold a different perspective.

Having metamorphosed into a species that has outwitted survival many of us require a new level of risk and challenge to give our lives meaning, and as holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl and Rod Stewart both agree we all need a ‘reason to believe’.

That’s what separates us from the bergs, man.

It’s balance point between the nature of the what is and how we’d like things to be.

The intention of this blog post was to be deliberately indirect, that does not mean it doesn’t hold some subtle influence.

Therapeutic and embodied metaphor are powerful tools to consider which have been catalogued by people like  Milton Erickson to George Lakoff. In latin, the word metaphor means ‘to transport.’ I have blogged on metaphor before: Hypnotic Metaphor for Everyday Success.

So what on earth does this have to do with mindset coaching?

Well, I spent a full season on a glacial lake in New Zealand,  I spent a lot of time around humans and I spent a lot of time around icebergs. I have felt the energy from people and I have felt the energy of icebergs.

‘I’ve spent a lot of time around humans and I spent a lot of time around icebergs.’

What have YOU drawn from this iceberg-human contrast?

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