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Environment – change from the outside-in

The outside world changes and we must change with her. You can of course ignore the natural outside environment, but do so at your peril!

The natural world has made us what we are. But in recent times we have moved so far away from it.

Environment in a personal development context is not just about the ‘green’ environment as we like to call it.

So many options for growth available within our Environments if only we open up to them…

and not ALL change occurs from the inside(ourselves) out!

Sometimes change influence us without our knowledge from the outside in.

Many times when seeking the perfect work-life balance we are faced with the dilemma: ‘Do we fly, fight or move on?’

In these instances, the questions we must can ask are: ‘do we adapt, do we change the inside or out, do we move away temporarily or permanently?’

The affect of Environment is sometimes invisible, at a deep unconscious and sometimes at a quantum physical level.


Inner and Outer Landscapes


And there is positioning too.

Where do you place your attention and perspective when faced with a dilemma?

You can choose any of the seven layers of Environment to begin the process of appreciation, acceptance, and new perspectives. You can also learn exactly how to apply the different layers to create happiness inside or outside for you or your client by working with:

The Seven Layers of Environment

This is what I coach you through in person and in small group virtual settings to help you get out of your own way and get on to live the life of your dreams.

Powerful stuff!


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