Canoe Possibilities – dealing with fixed mindsetters

Recently I took a canoe trip with my pal Adam Evans of and it made me think how IF I had listen to those fixed mindsetters back home I would never have ventured out.

These are the doubters, the people that highlight all the things that could go wrong and talk about the problems and barriers not what they would like INSTEAD.

Some learnings arose from this: we need to be comfortable thinking like a black sheep when peer pressure or groupthink prevails. Disassociate temporarily and reflect.

Ask, ‘Is this true?’ And, ”What would the impact be IF I didn’t take my chances ?

As another insight, I have offered a short video below which coaches you how to positively challenge the fixed mindset in action – through language, opposites and reframes, demonstrating how to get into a possibility frame in an instant.

‘Emotions make mindsets’

This exercise also helps combat what I call the A.C.D.C. states – when people refute positive action and instead languish in the realm of inaction because of one, more or all of four reasons: Aversion, Constriction, Denial and Comfort Zones.

‘Emotions make mindsets’ so this little exercise might just help you flip yours and other people’s mindsets quickly in order to enhance your success.

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Bye for now…

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