Laser Focus

‘What you need is LASER FOCUS!’

Have you heard that expression in the coaching, business or training world before?

I certainly have.

Laser focus is becoming a bit of buzzword.

Primarily, this is about losing the fluff from our modern digital lives, stepping back, reflecting, and zoning in on the thing that matters to us most.

For many people this expression fits well when they think of their life purpose or a neat business idea, but it’s not that easy to acquire.

Maintaining laser focus requires a lot of soul searching, refining and ACTIVE DELETION.

Below is a video I created directly on this topic for my upcoming mindset skills academy which will have a specific page on this website.

Sit somewhere quiet, put your headphones on, shut yourself off from the world and zone in. Write down your answers to the ideas and concepts I present.

I’ll leave this video password free for a couple of weeks before taking it down, so make the best use of it.

Hopefully by the end of the 20 minutes you’ll have at least discovered the different levels which are frustrating you right now, what the solutions are on each of those levels in your ‘miracle context,’ and have the beginnings of how you might reverse engineer.


Laser focus is also about the maintaining motivational focus for long periods of time with a special kind of attention.

There’ll be other demonstration videos and insights on the academy soon.

As integrating any learning platform into a website takes a great deal of work and sustained attention from this end, I’d love to know how you get on and would appreciate any feedback along the way.

Comments are good.


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