So many marketers disguise their activities as 'coaching' but this creates a lot of confusion as to what coaching is and how this unique process can benefit your life and business. For clarification, I will offer some of my definitions and the pros and cons of each...


An one-to-one engagement or that of a small group where the coach acts as a guide or facilitator to direct the client's subjective process towards finding their own solution to achieve a specific goal. Typically this in 'closed' distraction-free environments with opportunities for real differentiation. You don't necessarily need to be an expert on the content to bring out the best in the coachee and much of the language is clean, discovery-based with a focus mostly on soft and hard skills.

Pros: empowering and person-centred for the coachee.
Cons: coachee sometimes needs direction, direct solutions and suggestions.


Where students undergo a course or program to learn a specific skill or talent delivered by a teacher who has learnt the subject topic well. Although differentiating is teaching is encouraged this process can prove difficult for the learner as the subject matter is often led in a high-distraction where one hat must fit all and the focus is mostly on hard skills.

Prosquality, assessment and skills monitoring is high.
Cons: One hat doesn't fit all, environment could be more conducive.


Here the mentor is the authority. A specialist, guru, genius or exemplar who has nailed the skills you want. Someone who has been there, done it, and demonstrated success with the goal being reassurance, consolation, and shadowing to model the the success behaviours of the mentor.

Pros: by modelling genius you can copy their skills.
Cons: Sometimes the mentor's strategies or behaviours don't fit your world.

Although I see myself as a coach, working with me (Jay) to achieve your goals comes under the banner of Coaching, Training and Mentoring because to get there by the path of least resistance means we often have to switch methodology by using just one or all three to find the easiest way forward for you.

The Certainty Coaching Model

ONE magic bullet is never enough! Unlike what those marketing gurus tell you about just needing ONE thing to become an overnight success, experience has taught me that you need three elements aligned in order to succeed and stay in the game. You need a strategic framework to simplify the complex that is both subjective and slick which sees you getting a profitable service to market much quicker,

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