How To Rocket Your Business Confidence

Business confidence is not something you simply grab from thin air! It evolves from 3 things…

Mindset, Support, and Lift Off – having the confident consistency to get yourself out there.

Confidence is just a by-product of the actions you take which evolve through skill repetition and familiarity in certain contexts. This habit forming also helps form your beliefs and feelings of caring so much about making a difference and getting the outcome that you need that you do not give a sh*t what other people think because your intention is so strong.

You will also get increased feelings of certainty within if these become unconscious skills and will get there quicker if you have the tools to quickly sort out your mind, feel like you have the right kind of support, and find your own unique rhythm so that you share your personality and talents consistently.

There are many metaphors for business especially when things are not working.

Like the Jumbo Jet being stuck on the runway that keeps stopping and starting to refuel and get more types or random passengers on board. More pieces of equipment and you as the pilot building up fear each time you see a fog bank or have to attempt another failed lift off.

All businesses need constant momentum and stalling is incredibly crippling for any business and it does not instill confidence in the passengers or crew at all.

You don’t need a Jumbo Jet, because one day the winter will come, the runway will ice over and you’ll start the process of sliding back. What you need is something lighter, more agile and laser-guided that will get you there in a fraction of the time.

You see, a rocket does need enough initial velocity, a boost of initial upward momentum, to break through the earth’s atmosphere but once it does, it banks, levels out, then goes on to cruise control all by itself.

That’s what you need for your business cofnidence –  a metaphoric model that works for you. A model that works all by itself and leaves you sit but an chill from afar knowing things are headed truly in the right direction.

To arrive at a place of real certainty on your business, first you need, quite literally, for your confidence to ‘rocket!’

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