The Power of Intention in Mindset Coaching

Power of Intention In Mindset Coaching

Back in January, after having plenty of self-reflection I set an intention to spend more time in Portugal.

Sometimes we can plan until we’re dizzy, at other times we are not clear and set off before the holes in our boat are plugged and we soon become swamped.

Without a very strong, simple, and powerful positive intention that has emotion and meaning attached to it our plans will undoubtedly become short-lived.

No need to plan or review, just Go F****ing Do…


Something I’ve learn about mindset coaching from studying other exemplars success is that often it’s just a case of decide what you want to do, check alignment and that your intention is strong, then just GFDI (Go f***ing do it!).

Once the dream is alive you have momentum and that’s when you can consider what plans, systems, and strategies to put into place.

But without a strong intention – forget it!

I’m half way there working on more ‘passive’ income to free me from geographical entrapment and it’s been hard work but fun.

I’ve also created a brilliant course for mindsetpreneurs (explorers who undertake take mindset risks to increase life and business success) called mindset Specialist. I’ve even created a section on defining your intention at the start of it.

Powerful intentions and time are closely linked.

Apparently insurmountable tasks can sometimes be achieved within a few minutes of quality focus, so I set up the first module as a FREE fun 7 day challenge to get you into a positive growth mindset. In order to answer Jay’s seven secret questions at the end you need to go through the content. Do it with purpose and see if you can get 100%, and Get Your Mind Set.

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