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Growth Mindset – How Do I Do Better?

In order to grow – skill acquisition – growth mindset is key…

Whilst hiding away in Portugal over the festive season a couple of years back I began to ponder about mindset.

What really makes people successful?

With so much emphasis on success being about how much money you make, I sat on a beach and wondered about success.

Over the years I have dealt with many a wealthy client who was unhappy and nowadays with so much internet hyperbole of ‘secret steps’, roadmaps to success and ‘one simple trick’ that will remove all obstacles in your life and explode your practice overnight, I began wondering if SUCCESS should be renamed SATISFACTION because looking around in Portugal I saw  a lot of happy folk not desperately chasing an American-style dream but whom seemed quite content with their quality and pace to life. The simple things.

So what really makes success?

For some its acceptance. For others including me it’s a case of ‘constant continual improvement.’

‘How do I do better?’

Learn about the growth mindset, fire up your brain and begin growing it by using your awareness and skills to enhance your life and your business.

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