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Coaching with Jay Means...

Real coaching that brings out the best in you. Collaborating and being supported and accountable with someone who has been there done it and burnt the t-shirts. Coaching can be extremely valuable and the difference between years of stuckness and weeks of instant success.

Remove mindset blocks

Creat a simple model that works for you

Layout a roadmap

Do it!

Feedback on results.

Reflect, revisit, refine. (Do it again!)

Experience insights, improved health, wealth and happiness.

Coaching is valuable

So many marketers and trainers disguise their activities as coaching and this creates a lot of confusion as to what coaching is and how this unique process can benefit your life and business, so for clarity I will offer some of my definitions and the benefits of each.

Am empowering interaction where the coach acts as a guide or facilitator to direct the client's subjective process towards them finding their own solution or achieving a specific goal. Typically this is either 1:1 or in small group settings. Coaching works in typically closed distraction-free environments with real differentiation for the client and works with individual process (client inner experience) not content (coache's direct suggestion and world views), where you do not neccessarily need to be an expert on the content (subject matter) to bring out the best results in the client and where much of the language is clean, open, discovery-based with a focus on both soft and hard skills.

Typically where students undergo a course or program to learn a specific skill or talent delivered in a specific way by a teacher who has learnt the subject topic well. Although differentiating is teaching is encouraged this process can prove difficult for the learner as the subject matter is often led in a high-distraction non-conducive to learning environments and is usually a case of one hat fits all.
Fine for most but the learning styles of individuals are not always easily matched through a mostly hard skill process.

Here the mentor is the authority specialist - usually some guru, genius, or a person who has nailed the skill or success you want. Someone who has been there, done it, and demonstrated exemplary success with the goal being to be consoled your and for you to shadow, copy, model the success behaviours and strategies of the mentor.

If you are great at modelling you may become just like them. The hazards remain that you may not have the same learning style or resources available to you as the mentor. The hat may or may not fit. Mentoring is content-based because it is the mentor's content you are learning and to get the most out of your time, best spend time in your mentor's environment.

Working with Jay to achieve your goals it will come under the banner of coaching, however, we dip in to other levels such as training and mentoring wherever we see it and is necessary.

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