Grow Your Own Highly Profitable Online Group Program

The Certainty Program is Simple...

Missing out mindset from business is crazy, and the reason many online marketing programs fail. You are unique! The certainty program is deceptively simple yet profound—a six week mindset-based marketing program offering lifetime support—underpinned by three principles...


Remove mindset blocks fast with Jay's two decades of experience using many different mindset-change modalities.


Remove business model sloppiness by creating a simple but highly robust model that brings in the dosh.


Remove digital marketing complexity & confusion by simplifying your platforms, strategy, and tech.

The Certainty Program is right for you if you can relate to any one of these statements:

'How do I remove the stress and confusion from marketing myself in a digital age?

'I need a more simple, robust, business model.'  

'How can I define my perfect niche, market or client?'


'I've struggled with consistency, tech and getting myself out there.'

 'How do I get more consistent leads, sales and cash-flow?'  

'I need to improve my relationship with money.'

'How do I capitalise on the growing demand for my knowledge and expertise online? 

 'How can I scale my business and grow faster?'

'I want to become confident in my product, service and me.'  


'How can I overcome current business and global uncertainty?'

'I could benefit from some professional mindset & marketing support,'  

'I need more clarity, focus, and action taking.' 

'I'd want to get paid handsomely doing what I love and getting paid for my worth.'

'I have a great idea to take online, but where do I start?'

Case Study Pre-launch Offer

Two instalment plan

Two payments over two months       



300 600


2 X payments

  • Weekly online content
  • Bi-monthly live coaching
  • Lifetime access/support
  • Private paid Facebook group
  • Direct Access to Jay (first 15 members)
three instalment plan

Three payments over three months  



200 400


3 X payments

  • Weekly online content
  • Bi-monthly live coaching
  • Lifetime access/support
  • Private paid Facebook group
  • Direct Access to Jay (first 15 members)

Case Study Ends

  3  3
  0  1
  1  2
  4  9

You missed out!

What's Covered?


If your mind isn’t ready for success you won’t implement new skills and to explore new markets, clients, or a completely new niche.

Therefore we’ll remove distractions, blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears to align with your highest values so that it feels like you are being driven magnetically towards your dream.


Create a robust business model that rocks like clockwork and brings in the dosh by identifying the slickest and simplest means possible for you.

We’ll unpack your genius, and once we’ve nailed your perfect niche, we’ll identify your high converting offer then roll up our sleeves and map out your business model to plug any gaps and ensure your business is future-proof.


Conversations lead to conversions, and this is where maverick tactics get you much faster results by ignoring convention and working with your minimal viable product (MVP).

We'll cover everything you need for pricing, increased leads, conversions and cash-flow unearthing the best organic marketing method, scripts and chat-flows for Messenger and LinkedIn so that you excel in the digital age and see fantastic return on investment.


One priority finding your content rhythm—a simple system to produce videos, blogs, emails, podcasts, interviews or client warming content so you connect consistently with ideal clients and up your authority.

So, you'll also get tools direct from my digital 'business in a box' to help you find flow, remove tech-phobia, confusion and maintain focus, and from time to time I'll drop in my 5-minute mindset audios to keep your mind in check and ensure all bases are covered—skills,mindset, marketing, 

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