Jay Arnott CH.t

Jay is an experienced, qualified, clinical hypnotherapist, (ITA)NLP certified trainer and former outdoor sports coach offering unique mindset approaches to help eliminate anxiety and enhance your performance.

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Jay here, I am best described as a therapeutic and coach who combines various relatively uncommon mindset approaches to help you eliminate stress, fear and anxiety to enhance performance and help you succeed.

Beginning as an outdoor development trainer in the 1990s it was when dealing with complex interpersonal situations in these contexts that I first attained a real curiosity for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I also discovered that NLP had close lineage with hypnosis and later chose to qualify as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2010. In 2012 I trained directly with co-founder John Grinder to become a licensed NLP trainer and became certified in other 'less well known' protocols such as Havening Techniques™ to make this my forte—uncommon approaches that remove emotional and psychological mindset blocks fast.

My view of personal development is that growth is ongoing. That's why, as well as some of these quick fix transformational approaches to change, I also value the support and accountability that coaching offers especially when working with long-term goals where skill acquisition is needed.

Over the years, I've spent thousands of hours (and pounds) on my own personal development, training my mindset and skills, and working with a vast diversity of clients. These experiences gave me a deep understanding of what the mind actually responds to, how our current beliefs often hold us back, and how we can achieve goals quicker largely by ignoring convention.

My process is no different whether you are preparing for a public speech, a test, a performance, your driving test, a first flight abroad, overcoming your social anxiety, or preparing to market and present your business in a digital age because quite literally Mindset Is Everything.

Let's just say, to achieve something beyond 'extra' ordinary and get there in days, weeks or months rather than decades or not at all, you need the right kind of professional support. Maybe it's a skill, a mindset shift, a listening ear, a leg up, timely suggestion, or a prod from a professional who has been there, done it, and burnt the t-shirt.