Hi, Jay here, thanks for dropping by.

What am I?

Best description would be a personal development coach who combines mindset with business to accelerate results and help you find your own personal certainty.

One day in the early 1990s that I said to myself: 'Invest in your personal development,' and never looked back.

I began my career as a development trainer coaching people in outdoor sports, problem-solving, team-building, and it was when dealing with inter-personal situations in these contexts that I first attained a real curiosity for NLP.

I then went on to complete two NLP Master Practitioners, qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist, and in 2012 trained directly with co-founder John Grinder to become a licensed NLP trainer whilst qualifying in many other protocols such as Havening Techniques™, and this became my forte; removing mindset blocks fast to get people faster results.

Having spent thousands of pounds and hours on personal development and digital marketing (which incidentally I see as an equal personal development process), these experiences gave me a great understanding of what the mind actually responds to and that we can often get quicker results largely by ignoring convention.

Marketing your business is no different.

Coaching is a powerful process. Support and accountability are key, but they come with a caveat: the coachee needs to be psychologically ready to accept new concepts that will help them move on.

That's why mindset is everything.

Call it what you will, emotional intelligence, belief or  psychology, mindset has a direct correlation with the uptake of new knowledge, our skills retention, satisfaction levels, and the result of our desired outcome.

Therefore to  achieve something extraordinary, break out of the norm and get there in days, weeks or months rather than decades, you need the right kind of professional support.

Sometimes it's a certain skill we need, other times a leg up, a helping hand, a timely suggestion, or an empathetic kick up the arse. Preferably by someone who has been there, done it, and burnt the t-shirt.

Needing Help To Grow?

If you're wanting to launch or grow an online course or program but feel mindset and/or marketing is holding you back, you're in the right place.

Direct experience taught me what to avoid, how to reduce effort, and helped me discover some of the best hacks out there for mindset and marketing that will get you there in a snip of the time via your path of least resistance.

But you don't have the kind of time silly ole me had to work all this stuff out. No.

My passion is helping you crystalise your dreams by getting your mind over your biz to get the maximum result in the shortest time-frame with minimum cost or stress.

So, if you are struggling with your own mind, your niche, your idea, the marketing or tech - or don't even know where to start, then get in touch...

Ten minutes with me could save you ten years... tens of thousands of pounds, or ten thousand grey hairs.

Let's chat!