About Jay

Whey aye, man!

Hello, Jay here, I'm a Geordie by default (Google it if you don't know what one of those is),  an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, NLP (ITA) certified trainer and former outdoor sports coach based in North East England offering uncommon mindset approaches to help eliminate fear, stress, anxiety and enhance performance in any area.

Jay Arnott CH.t

Outdoor Beginnings

The outdoors and the natural environment have always been important to me and I began life as an outdoor development trainer in the 1990s qualifying as an Open Canoe, Inland Kayak and Sea Kayak Level 3 Coach, and it was when attempting to communicate with complex personalities in these dynamic environments that I first attained a real curiosity for NLP.

Uncommon Approach

Later, I discovered NLP's lineage with hypnosis and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2010 training directly in 2012 with NLP co-founder John Grinder to become a licensed trainer. With clients in my personal practice I began experimenting and became a certified practitioner in other uncommon but highly effective protocols such as Havening Techniques™, OldPain2Go™, Kinetic Shift™.


Mindset is my thing. Mindset is every thing, and in business, if your mind ain't right then your subconscious will reject change and access to new skills. You don't need roadmaps, blueprints or formats. Instead, a deceptively simple mindset-based model subjective to you that installs slick implementation and feelings of certainty quickly.

You Can Do IT!

By working with scores of clients over the years, having designed and delivered many different courses, witnessed the effectiveness of wordplay, humour, metaphor, and the powerful combination of hypnosis and coaching, this unrivalled recipe of rapid results and support will change your life.

 With Jay's help you can do IT!

That is, whatever IT is...for you

NLP Skills for High Performance Course

No cost six-part YouTube course to remove anxiety and enhance your performance.