Mindset Coaching
             For Life & Business

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One-to-One Coaching

Book a one-to-one personal therapeutic or a series of coaching sessions to help you overcome anxiety and enhance your performance to help you succeed.

Online Coaching

Jays' signature three module, nine-part course (coming soon!) on how to transform any fear into confidence (certainty) and help you succeed.

Group Coaching

Invite Jay into your group or team to help transform productivity by empowering individual subjective experience within the team to boost your performance.


Listen to this provocatively challenging audio coaching to overcome self-criticism, fear and embarrassment to get yourself out there and not give a sh*t.

Listen to this free audio Coaching to if you have issues with personal or professional boundaries to overcome contextual challenges and help you move on.

Listen to this free relaxing audio coaching to deal with self-consciousness and the perception of criticism from other people.

What Clients Are Saying


"Jay really helped me with a very difficult anxiety episode in just a couple of sessions.
I highly recommend him as a practitioner if you are seeking someone friendly, insightful, non-judging and highly skilled in hypnosis and NLP. He is someone who gets results fast and is absolutely leading the way with his work in the North East."

Shakti Tracy Breathwork Practitioner


" I was the queen of procrastination....I've worked with Jay as a client and student. He really is a master of mindset. Helped me shake off limitations and motivate me."

Amanda Joy Harrison Clinical Director & Therapist 

Jay Arnott Coaching, Lewis Mcdonnell Testimonial


"So far I've had 2 sessions with Jay to help me get clearer on a recent service offering. During these sessions together Jay has reignited a sense of clarity and certainty by helping me connect with parts of myself which I had somehow over looked or drifted from. Jay is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach who has helped me make some very quick mindset shifts recently.

Lewis Mcdonnell Phobia Speciality Therapist

Jay Arnott Coaching, Farah Lutvica Testimonial


"If there is one word to describe coaching with Jay it's this: BRILLIANT!
He gained my trust since the first conversation, he is very genuine and knows how to guide me on my path. As an NLP and hypnosis trainer, I can say he is extremely skilled in those areas. I know my concerns are in good hands with him. 
He guides me to exactly the answers I was seeking for and even more than that. To me, the best coaches are the ones that give you the feeling as a client that you did it all by yourself. I am more clear now, confident, focused and fulfilled. I am very grateful for Jay's way of coaching, without it I wouldn't be where I am now, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you!"

Farah Lutvica Youth Coach & Hypnosis Trainer